Nottingham Shilohs, Gentle Companions for Everyday Life.
Nottingham Shilohs, Gentle Companions for Everyday Life.
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Shiloh Shepherd Rescue and Rehome
We choose to give back. At Nottingham Shilohs we believe in order to be a responsible breeder you need to give back to the breed in which you love. Due to unforeseen circumstances sometimes Shilohs need to find new “forever homes.” Here are a few Shiloh Shepherd success stories Nottingham Shilohs have taken part in.

Shiloh Shepherd Luke LUKE
Luke didn’t stay long (only about 1 week) but this poor boy went from New York to our house in Virginia and then to West Virginia to be fostered. He is doing well and living in Western New York with his new family.

Shiloh Shepherd Ebony EBONY
Ebony came to us in pretty bad shape. She was underweight and had horrible skin issues she was dealing with. She was in a great foster home before coming to Nottingham Shilohs and they had done everything they could for her. Unfortunately Ebony did not get along with the other dogs and therefore we volunteered to take her. Ebony fit into our pack and soon fell in love with our male Shiloh Shepherd, Much. After months of daily foot baths and weekly medicated baths Ebony’s skin started to heal. It was then we decided we needed to start looking for a great home for this girl.

Shiloh Shepherd Meadow MEADOW
Meadow was a big sweet girl we took in when her family couldn’t keep her anymore and her breeder asked us to help. Like Ebony she soon fell head over heels for Much. They were constant companions and we knew we had to find her a home soon before she became a Nottingham dog. Luckily enough we found a great owner who already had Shilohs that fell in love with her at first sight. Meadow now lives with another Shiloh Shepherd brother and plays in her yard with her family.

Shiloh Shepherd Ben BEN
Ben was pulled from a shelter in Maryland and we volunteered to foster him until we could find him a home. He was about 10 months old when got him, his coat was a mess (it looked as if no one had ever brushed him) and he had absolutely no manners. We started working on his coat and working to get him socialized. The neighborhood children would come and greet him and Ben relished the attention but we knew we had to start the search for a forever home for this special boy.

Shiloh Shepherd Willow WILLOW
Willow is the only foster that has made our home her forever home. Willow has horrible hips and her family was unable to give her the care that she needed. We agreed to take her and she just wiggled her way into our hearts. To read more of Willows story please go to her page.

Not only have we fostered and placed Shiloh Shepherds in need, but we have also taken part in transporting dogs for breeders and rescue organizations alike. Our most recent participation were transports with the ISSDC Rescue & Rehome program.

Misty is a sweet girl, now named Cheyanne, who was transported from MI to VA. We picked her up in Winchester and drove her to Tyro where we dropped her off at Raid The Wind, where she met her new owners who had driven up from NC to meet her.

Shiloh Shepherd Rescue Misty on her journey.
Marti and Addison picking up Misty for the next leg of her transport from MI to Tyro, VA.

Nala and Tayga were older Shiloh gals rescued from an unfortunate domestic conflict. After being rescued from their immediate situation, groomed and temporarily fostered, they needed to get from VA to CT to a foster home. We volunteered to take them from Tyro, VA to MD where they met the next leg of their transport up to CT. We were happy to participate to help these grand old gals.

Shiloh Shepherd Rescues Nala and Tayga.
Nala and Tayga on their journey from VA to CT, taking it all in stride.

Have further questions or just can’t find the information you’re looking for? Contact us, we’d be happy to speak with you.

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