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Nottingham Shilohs, Gentle Companions for Everyday Life.
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Nottingham Shilohs' Samson/Ember Breeding

Our Samson/Ember litter has given us six puppies, three boys and three girls. Mom and her puppies are doing well. Be sure to check out our gallery or our Facebook page to see photos of the puppies as they grow!

Nottingham Shilohs, is excited to announce the pairing of Keystone’s Scarlet’s Ember, CGC to Ridgewood’s Strongman. The wait is over and we have confirmed that the Samson/Ember breeding was a success. We are seeing a belly full of babies and the expected arrival of these little bundles of joy at the end of June. To find out more information about this litter please contact us.

Keystone’s Scarlet’s Ember is a beautiful plush golden sable with rich pigmentation. Ember is a happy girl that is big boned, has a gorgeous broad head including a great stop, and exhibits beautiful movement. Ember is the perfect combination of Artus, Orbit and old line Shiloh. She inherits her stamina and heavy bone from the Artus lines, brings size from the Orbit lines and her intelligence and loyal nature from the old Shiloh lines behind her.

Keystone’s Scarlet’s Ember, CGC aka Ember
Sire: KeyStones Jasper Jax O’Zion   ||   Dam: Jersey’s Midnight Run ODS Zion
DOB: 6/30/06, Plush, Golden Sable    ||   90lbs and 26.5"(wicket)
Hips: OFA Good SLH-383G24F-VPI    ||   Elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL188F24-VPI
Heart: OFA Normal, Cardiologist SLH-CA224/17F/C-PI/SLH-CA224/69F / C-VPI-ECHO   ||   CERF: Normal SHS-169/2007-18
TLI: 9.3 (5.7-45.2 UG/L)   ||   Thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH128/24F-VPI
Brucellosis: Negative    

Ridgewood’s Strongman (Samson) is an impressive boy. He is from the Storm/Carly breeding, therefore he is a third generation outcross with Boz. He is tall with a beautiful thick coat, big head, nice bone and great personality. He is extremely sweet and wants nothing more than to be with you and give kisses. He is a black and cream dual.

Ridgewood’s Strongman aka Samson
Sire: TD brCH Hilltop’s Storm of Barnagat Bay, CGC, TDI    ||   Dam: NS brCH P&C’s One Too Many, CGC
DOB: 10/02/07, Plush, Black/Cream Sable   ||   95lbs and 30"
Hips: OFA Good SLH-529G44M    ||   Elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL312M44
Heart: OFA Normal Echo SLH-CA404/48M/P    
Eyes: CERF SHS-354992, 2011    

We are expecting all colors in this litter, duals, black and tan/cream bi-colored and of course a wide array of sables. All puppies will be plush. The temperaments should be big goof balls that love life and everyone in it. Both parents are fully health tested and has passed everything.

This will be Ember’s third and last litter. To see photos and information for her first two litters, please see our gallery or the litter pages with Quinn or Elvis.

View Pedigree of Puppies (+/-)

We look forward to hearing from you! We are now taking applications and reservations.

Ember’s first litter was with Quinn, who is Elvis’ son and we expect similar results with this litter. Enjoy some photos of the pups from Quinn/Ember 2009, the early years.

Shiloh Shepherd Quinn/Ember puppies.
Nummy sunflowers.

Shiloh Shepherd Quinn/Ember puppies!
Stop and smell the flowers.

Shiloh Shepherd Quinn/Ember puppies!
Quinn/Ember 2009 litter, female puppy “Chives.”

Have further questions or just can’t find the information you’re looking for? Contact us, we’d be happy to speak with you.

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