Nottingham Shilohs, Gentle Companions for Everyday Life.
Nottingham Shilohs, Gentle Companions for Everyday Life.
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Keystone Scarlet's Ember, Nottingham Shilohs
Braveheart's Merry Much Man .::. Nottingham Shiloh Shepherds

Braveheart’s Merry Much Man, CGC, TDI, HCT aka Much   ||   DOB: 03/26/02
Sire: Zion’s General Maximus   ||   Dam: Topaz Vixen of Zion
Plush, Brown Sable

Shiloh Shepherd Much
Shiloh Shepherd Much
Shiloh Shepherd Much

View more photos of Much in his photo gallery!

Much is the epitome of what it means to be a Shiloh! He is fluffy, large and extremely docile. He is a beloved friend to all that he meets, especially children. Much has even been invited to a child’s birthday party. He is a couch potato who loves his jolly ball, his tennis ball, his pool and meeting new friends.

Update ... our boy Much developed degenerative myelopathy around seven years old. Degenerative Myelopathy, also known as DM, is a progressive disease of the spinal cord beginning with a loss of coordination and weakness in the hind end. This manifests as a wobble when walking, knuckling over of the feet and gets progressively worse until the dog is unable to walk. The average clinical course can range from six months to a year. We did a lot of research and put together a "plan" that worked for us. With the help of that plan and a DM treatment protocol, Much battled the disease with valor. Much passed away in October of 2011 after a two year battle with DM.

To learn more about DM, and some of the resources we used, please visit the links below.

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We're proud of all of our Shiloh Shepherds, they each have very different personalities and therefore, likes and dislikes. Learn about all of our Shilohs; Tuck, Much, Ember, Willow and Quiver; in the "our dogs" section of the website. Read about them and about their training and accomplishements in the working areas they enjoy most.


Shiloh Shepherd Much of Nottingham Shilohs as a puppy.
Much, as a pup, napping and looking darn adorable doing it!

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