Wolf’s Head Farm

wolfs head farmWhen we originally moved out to Loudoun County we knew in time we wanted a small farm. After several years of living on less than two acres we decided it was time to find something with more property to make our dream come true and we eventually found what we were looking for. Our new farm needed work — lots and lots of work — but after months of repairing and fixing fences, seeding and fertilizing fields, we felt it was time to get livestock to start building the next phase of farm.

While building Wolf’s Head Farm, we have been lucky enough to have friends with the knowledge to help us cut hay to feed our growing flock, direct us on where to get quality livestock and answer any questions we have. As anyone will tell you having a farm is not easy and the work is never done, but we enjoy it. We hope to add a few cows and honey bees in the near future and hope our farm continues to grow and prosper for many years to come.

Farm life for us also includes daily life at Nottingham Shilohs — owning, caring for and sharing our lives with our pack of Shiloh Shepherds. We do a lot of training with the dogs both in formal training situations but just as importantly the play and experiences they have at home here on the farm. We made a standing commitment to incorporate them into our lives and that means at home, during travel, with visitors and family members, neighborhood children, other dogs and most certainly with our farm animals. Life on the farm means they have to be socialized to our other animals, and for a glimpse into this, please be sure to check out our dogs and chickens together.

Believe us when we say they are worth every moment of it, our Shilohs have given back of themselves a thousand times over in countless ways. Farm Life at Nottingham Shilohs and Wolf’s Head Farm is good indeed!

wolfs head farmChickens

We have had chickens for several years now and we keep adding to our flock. When we moved into the farm I decided to get Guinea hens.

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Wolfs Head FarmClun Forest Sheep

We knew we wanted sheep when we moved to our new property and with the help of a friend found the perfect sheep for our lifestyle.

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wolfs head farmAngora Goats

I had always wanted goats to add to the menagerie of animals at Wolf’s Head Farm and fell in love with these two little guys at a wool and fiber festival in Berryville, Virginia.

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wolfs head farmHoney Bees

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