Nottingham Shilohs, Gentle Companions for Everyday Life.
Nottingham Shilohs, Gentle Companions for Everyday Life.
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Growing up I always had a multitude of animals. The animals ranged from dogs to ferrets to fish to rabbits. As I got older and went to college I definitely knew I wanted to keep animals in my life, so of course I went out and got a dog of my own. My first dog was a shepherd/husky mix named “Ashes” and she taught me so much throughout her lifetime. My love of animals helped me pursue a career helping them.

I have worked at several animal hospitals, and currently help manage a veterinary practice in northern Virginia. It was in an animal hospital I met the type of dog I wanted. I had always loved German Shepherds but didn’t care for the direction the breed was headed. I wanted a dog who wasn’t so driven, so sloped in the rear and so unpredictable in temperament. I also wanted a dog with good hips. In the late 1990’s a big, plush coated shepherd with an amazing temperament walked through the door of the veterinary clinic I was working at and I immediately fell in love. I asked the owner what type of shepherd it was and he replied “a Shiloh Shepherd”; still I knew I had to research the breed and see if it was right for me. After several months of research and calling different breeders and finding out everything I could about the breed I decided the Shiloh Shepherd was what I wanted. I found a breeder who was extremely helpful, answered all of my questions and invited me to come and see her dogs anytime. Later that year we brought home “Tuck.” Tuck fit into our household wonderfully. Ashes accepted him, they played together in the back yard and were buddies.

You’ve probably heard folks say that Shilohs are like potato chips, that you can’t have just one. We found that to be true, so we decided to add a third dog to our pack. I saw “Much” at a show in Virginia and just knew I had to have that puppy and a few weeks later Much came to live with us. At this point I was actively involved with my local Shiloh Shepherd club and I was starting to help out with Shiloh Shepherd rescue. Years went by and the club changed but there were always new Shiloh owners to meet, new events to attend and activities to try. At 12 years old Ashes’ health started declining and we discovered she had hemangiosarcoma (a malignant tumor of the spleen). Three months later we had to say good bye to our little girl. We were devastated but Tuck and Much helped us though. Ashes death left a hole that couldn’t be filled by the boys.

My husband has always had a soft spot for female dogs and Ashes had become his dog. To fill this hole we decided to add “Ember” to our pack. Of course the boys were used to being bossed around by a girl and we were amazed at just how much they let Ember push them around, I think it was love at first site for both Tuck and Much as, they let Ember get away with everything. Much loves playing ball as does Ember, Tuck has a stuffed animal that he brings to bed with him and so does Ember. It seems as if Ember was picking up on the boys’ habits — I guess that is what a little sister will do.

When Ember was about 9 months old “Willow” came to us unexpectedly. Willow was given up due to her poor hips and we decided we would do everything in our power to help this puppy live the best life possible. Willow has done amazing at our house, she and Ember play constantly, they are the best of friends and love being together. After months of physical therapy, swimming, acupuncture and natural supplements Willow has done so well that her hip surgery has been postponed until she truly needs it.

Our goal in breeding is to further the breed by producing dogs who meet the breed standard as well as being everything a Shiloh Shepherd should be. We do not take this task lightly and strive to do the best we can with each litter and each dog. Dogs are a lifetime commitment, but provide a lifetime of rewards.

I have been actively involved with Shilohs since 1999 and anticipate a lifetime of involvement.

My dogs are constantly in training to improve our bond, we participate in herding, tracking, rally obedience, therapy work and all have passed their Canine Good Citizen test.

I am a certified CGC instructor and tester, have organized conformation shows, herding trials, picnics and am currently the sitting chair of the ISSDC South East region.

Marti and Shilohs Shepherd Tuck herding
Marti and Tuck herding at Keepstone Farm.

Have further questions or just can’t find the information you’re looking for? Contact us, we’d be happy to speak with you.

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